Cruise and Chill Antigua

“Highlight of our Trip!”

Reviewed December 6, 2016

Everybody has a boat…. But only Chill & Cruise has Christian!

We ended up on the Camelot because the trip we initially tried to book wasn’t available the day we wanted to go, and we couldn’t be happier!! Christian was entertaining, friendly, accommodating, and personable. He has many, many years of invaluable experience and we knew we were in capable hands throughout the duration of our trip.

The food served for lunch was WONDERFUL and plentiful. The sailboat was beautiful, nicely maintained, and perfect for the occasion. The waters were blue and inviting. Our six hour day flew by in what felt like only a couple of hours because of how much we enjoyed ourselves. (The unlimited open bar helped, as well!)

We would highly recommend Christian and Cruise & Chill to whomever is looking for a relaxing, entertaining, enjoyable day out on the waters.

Wayne, New Jersey
Visited December 2016

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